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Three Roofing Scams You Should Be Aware Of

Three Roofing Scams You Should Be Aware Of
April 15, 2018 mm9488

Hail Damaged Roof

Roofs represent one of the more expensive components of your house. Unfortunately, the roofing industry is known to have a fair amount of deceptions and scams associated with it – especially here in North Texas during periods of severe weather. Following are four scams that are common to the roof repair industry and how you can avoid them.

Unnecessary Roof Replacements

Asphalt shingles are among the most common common materials used on most homes in North Texase. Most shingles have been designed to last at least twenty years. It is expensive to replace a roof. Homeowners can inspect their roofs from the ground using binoculars. Usually shingles needing to be replaced get brittle and curl up. A common sales deception is to try to convince you to replace your roof before it is necessary. This can lead to a job that is quite expensive.

Extra Repairs

A majority of experts recommend that homeowners get three different quotes from reputable, “local” roofers. Estimates don’t cover any rotten wood that might be encountered on the job. That can result in expensive change orders and repairs that can increase the original estimate. Your contract should clearly state how much you will need to pay in the event that there are any unforeseen damages that need to be taken care. Also, homeowners might want to examine the damage themselves prior to agreeing to any repair work. Binoculars are an excellent way to view a roof from the ground. Sometimes it is necessary to replace rotten wood, and a majority of contractors do charge by the hour for their work.

Storm Chasers

This is the biggest issue for homeowners in North Texas, since we are prone to getting several hail storms each spring. Following severa weather, it is understandable that most homeowners will have concerns about their property. Harbor Contracting offer numerous ways for homeowners to be certain that their properties are still in good shape. Homeowner’s insurance covers most roof repairs, and having an inspection done is a very proactive approach to take in assessing any potential damage. Unfortunately, numerous roofing companies seem to stream into North Texas after every major storm, soliciting roof repair and replacement. Don’t be fooled by these “ambulance chasers” – getting a professional inspection done is an affordable way of seeing what repairs are necessary.

Homeowners can rely on Harbor Contracting to make sure their properties are fully protected.